Too Cool for School

dreams poetry

Midterms papers and test

Everyone filled with stress

No one left to play

Too busy to even say, good day

Life isn’t studying to fret

Life’s so much more than these silly tests

Students trying to do their best

Popping pills alderol and rydilin

Trying to study for the win

Brain maxed out on dopamine

Transmitters wrecking havoc again

Is it all worth it?

Maybe the A lands the job

Maybe the A gets you more school

Life’s not just memorization

Concentration and violation

Used in frustration to increase the degree’s termination

What did we learn

Life skills or such fun facts

They are the ones who say I am slacking

I am sorry I do not study like they do

I just want to stay true and help the way I do

Not abuse the education system

Pretend to be who I’m not

Stacking bills on loans and sharks

Just for a paper or two

Joining corporate to eat food for two

Why must we waste time in the daily grind

Why must we waste space with test banks

Even monkeys can scribble on scantrons

Do they get three credits too?

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