Evacuate from Dunkirk – Movie Review

dunkirk soldiers

Commander Bolton:  You can practically see it from here.

Captain Winnant: What?

Commander Bolton: Home.

I was really excited to see Dunkirk. Directed by one of my favorite directors, Christopher Nolan, and including actors: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and debuting Harry Styles.

Dunkirk is a historical fiction film about the fate of Allied forces trapped by the German army in the city of Dunkirk, France.dunkirk soldier running

The visuals of Dunkirk were breathtaking from the aerial shots to the sea, the planes, ships, and everything in between. The cinematography was the best part of the film.

fighter pilot, bane

The soundtrack was by Hans Zimmer and the audio did not go well with the film. What rare dialogue this movie had was hard to understand and at times the dramatic scores were unnecessary. It continued to build up but never really amounted to anything. (After reading Nolan’s response on which theaters maximized the experience and how this was a deliberate tactic used to show dialogue isn’t always necessary for the immersion, I now better understand why he chose to make the film this way.)

All the actors did a decent job portraying soldiers. There was nothing spectacular but the film didn’t really require anything out of  the ordinary.  ptsd soldier, scarecrow

Overall, I was disappointed in the movie. I was expecting a little more from Nolan. Like I said before, I read articles about how Nolan intentionally made the audio the way it is to really engage the audience, but in my opinion it’s still not enough to make this movie amazing which I have come to expect from Nolan unfortunately. I would still recommend this to fans of historical films.

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