5 Essential Tips for your Movie Review

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Why write a movie review? Well I’m glad you asked. Writing a movie review helps you to critically think and digest the film. It also continues the hype which is always good. I am making it a habit to write a movie review of all the films I watch from now on even if for some reason I don’t post it on here. Forward onto the tips!

  1. If you are able to watch the movie more than once, you should. It allows you to catch anything you missed the first time you watched it, and you are able to focus more on analysis the following viewings.
  2. Judge the story. If it’s supposed to be realistic are the actions of the characters justifiable?
  3. Rate the actors. Did each actor perform in a way that enhanced the film, did they get their point across?
  4. If you can evaluate the technical elements of the film, try to. Whether it be the cinematography, the audio, the editing, or anything like that.
  5. Last but not least avoid spoilers at all cost. This might seem obvious but it’s still critical to mention. Spoilers are the absolute worst when it comes to reviews. It makes the readers or viewers want to disregard the movie review.

    Although these tips were few, they are essential. If you want to take your movie reviewing skills to the next level you should check out this book on being a film critic.

Feel free to send me a paycheck if you end up becoming a film critic.

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