This is my chance to prove myself – Spiderman: Homecoming Movie Review

spiderman homecoming

“Mr. Stark here is my report for tonight, I stopped a grand theft bicycle. Oh and I helped this old lady and she bought me a churro so…yeah, that was nice.”– Peter Parker

Spider-Man: Homecoming is about Peter Parker’s life after the event’s that take place in Captain America: Civil War. Now a superhero, Peter must navigate both high school and his Stark internship.

I really like how the film expands on the concept of wanting to do good but not being able to do anything about it. Peter is a superhero, but he is told to stay on the ground and develop some more before he can join the Avengers. I’ve felt like this a lot where I really want to do something positive, but I’m kind of just sidelined for some reason or another.

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Spider-man’s gadgets were really interesting. The different modes that could be activated were so impressive and there were so many different combinations! I especially liked how Peter used his trackers.

Although you could at times sympathize with the antagonist of the film, the fact that he was facing off against Spider-Man made it harder to do so. An interesting aspect of the film was Peter and Tony’s relationship. Although, I wasn’t a fan of how Iron Man would randomly show up at times during fights. I liked the dialogue between Peter and Tony. My favorite part was when they talk about the suit. Tony delivers a beautiful quote that really made me reflect on it."If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it."

“If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.”– Tony Stark

We take so many things for granted just like Peter did in that moment and despite our best intentions we sometimes fall short. The feeling of disappointing someone we  admire is really painful. All these thoughts were swirling in my head in this melancholy yet epic scene. 

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I also appreciate how they added the PSA scenes with Captain America, they really gave a nostalgic feeling with the outdated videos we had to watch in school.


Overall, I enjoyed this film although I am a bit biased in favor of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I felt like I could really relate to Spider-Man and I thought Tom Holland did a wonderful job portraying him, as did RDJ along with rest of the cast.


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