What to do before watching Spiderman: Homecoming

Hey guys my spidey-senses are almost tingling. Here is a list of what we can do to get ready for Homecoming. If you haven’t already you can watch the trailer here. 

  1. Back in the day when superhero movies were still new Spider-Man came out, Tobey Maguire played this Spider-Man.sm.jpg
  2. Then we can watch Spider-man 2.sm2
  3. We can finish this trilogy with Spider-man 3, I remember I was really excited to see Symbiote Spider-Man.sm3
  4. Then the series reboots with The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker is now Andrew Garfield.ASM.jpg
  5. Then watch The Amazing Spiderman 2, I actually really liked Garfield as Spiderman.asm2.jpg
  6. The Spider-Man series does another reboot with Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland is the current Spider-man and as you can see this Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.CA CW.jpgAll pictures taken from IMDB

Until next time peace and take care

Spidey out!

Let me know what your thoughts are

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