8 Tips and techniques for that ol’ book review

Why write a book review in the first place?


It’s beneficial to write book reviews even if they aren’t assigned to you by your teacher or boss. Book reviews help you critically think about what you read and help further cement the information and lessons learned from the book. 

Onward to the tips

  1. As you get ready to write the review you should reflect on the title of the book. What feelings does the name elicit? What about the cover?
  2. I usually like to start off with an epic quote from the book.
  3. If you want to put any background information about the author or about your experience reading the book you can put it next.
  4. Add a summary, this part is optional but helpful. The summary doesn’t have to be long, in fact, having it concise works well. Summaries shouldn’t have any spoilers or plot twists in them.
  5. Then you can go on to write about the positives. What did you like about the book was it the dialogue, the characters, or the detailed and descriptive language used. Try not to say I liked everything about the book and explain what you really enjoyed.
  6. Don’t forget to write about the negatives of the book. Did the author not give enough background information? Was the book too slow and dry? Try not to attack the author, but explain why that particular negative didn’t work for you. Most people start with positives and then go to negatives but it isn’t a must.
  7. Wrap up the book review. You can end with how the book impacted you and who if at all you would recommend it to.
  8. There is also another way to write a book review, you can write by categories. So you would review each category individually like genre, prose, characters and setting. I added this tip because for some people, this might be a better way to organize their thoughts.

Most of these tips can be applied to non-fiction as well, but if you want me to write tips specifically for non-fiction let me know.

You wont remember everything about a book you read, but what’s etched in your memory long after, is what makes a good book great.

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