What the heck is affiliate marketing?

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So many of you might have heard these two words floating around the web. What do they really mean?

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To put it simply, affiliate marketing is the promoting of other people’s products to earn a reward from them, usually a commission.For example, I like a certain coffee shop. If they have an affiliate program set up, I can use a link to send customers from where I placed the link to the purchasing area of that coffee shop. So if you buy a coffee machine or mug or whatever it is you want to buy from them, and I directed you there I would receive a certain percentage of that coffee shop’s earnings for your purchase. At least that’s how I think affiliate marketing works..haha. The amount received is actually not a lot but to stay ad-free I will be using affiliate marketing. Which is one of several ways to monetize a blog or website. If you would like to learn about others ways to monetize a blog let me know and I will write a post about it.

If Affiliate marketing is still confusing, we can break it down into parts. Affiliate marketing involves three parties. The Merchant aka the creator or brand. The Affiliate or the one publishing or promoting the merchant’s product or service. The Consumer aka the customer who completes the affiliate system. Also, some people do not tell their customers if they are part of the affiliate system or not, spooky right? Wikipedia has listed the Network as the fourth aspect of affiliate marketing. The network offers the options for the affiliate to choose from as well as the handling of payment. There are several networks and merchants that offer affiliate marketing. Now that I think about it, this form of marketing can get quite complex if merchants, networks, and affiliates overlap and crossover with each other.

The technology behind affiliate marketing (AM) is that when you click the AM link cookies will store that information. These tracking cookies identify and store the necessary information for the AM process to go through. The link itself is set up within specific parameters that contain the required data.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check out this affiliate marketing book. Ta-da, that my friends is another example of affiliate marketing.

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